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Haobang Quanyi 100 Fuyan Kangfu Tablets - 36 tablets

Product Details

Each tablet contains extract of raw herbs:
Herba Patriniae, Semen Coicis, Fructus Toosendan, Radix Bupleuri, Pericarpium Citri Raticulatae, Radix Sctellariae, Lactose, Low Substituted Hyprolose and Magnesium Stearate. This product contains Tartrazine (colorant).

[Functions And Indications]
Clearing heat and removing damp, resolving stasis and pain. Suitable for women with symptoms caused by damp hear such as excessive vaginal discharge, lower abdominal and back pain accompanied by dark colour tongue.

[Administration And Dosage]
Oral administration: 5 tablets each time, 3 times daily. 20 days per course.

1. Avoid peppery and rich fat food during the product using period.
2. Individuals with medical conditions or individual on medications to seek physician's advise before use.
3. Seek medical advise if symptoms does not improve after 1 week of use.
4. Pregnant and aged patients should only take this product under doctor's directions.
5. Not for use in patients hypersensitive to the drug.
6. Stop using when any change in appearance or properties of product.
7. Keep out of the reach of children.
8. Do not change container in order to preserve good quality and prevent misuse.

1. Keep it airtight sealed, keep in dry shade out of direct light.
2. Do not change container in order to preserve good quality and prevent misuse.

350 mg per tablet, 36 tablets per box.

[Expiration Date]
Refer to product package for expiry date.

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