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Super Cool Fever Patch For Children - 16 patches

Product Details

  • Product Code 4-971159-014490
  • EAN Code 4971159014490
  • Manufacturer Okuda Yakuhin Ltd
  • Stock Level In stock

Ready to use FEVER PATCH for sudden fever!
16 patches (Size: 5cm x 12cm)
Read the instructions carefully before use.


  1. Ready to use when your child has sudden fever.
  2. Gentle to skin. Water-soluble polymer, mild acidity.
  3. Fragrance-free! No artificial coloring added.
  4. Strong adhesive power! It stick onto the skin and stay in place!
  5. Cooling sensation last up to 10 hours.


  • Remove transparent film and gently affix the gel cooling surface to the desired area; example: forehead / neck / armpit.
  • If necessary, cut to suitable size with scissors.
  • Due to efficacy and hygiene reasons, use each fever patch once only. Do not reuse!
  • The fever patch may be placed in the refrigerator before use for stronger cooling effect. Do not place them in the freezer.


  • For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not use this product on mucous membrane, or on skin affected by eczema, rashes or wounds.
  • For sensitive skin, consult doctor or pharmacist before use. Stop use and consult a doctor if rashes, redness, itching or excessive irritation occurs.
  • When applying on baby, the fever patch should be used under the supervision of parent or adult. To avoid suffocation, do not cover the mouth or nose with fever patch.
  • The fever patch may not adhere firmly due to excessive perspiration, hair, cream or similar materials are on the skin.
  • The cooling effect of the fever patch decrease gradually after opening the pouch. Use the patch promptly after opening.
  • Keep unused fever patch in the pouch with the open end folded twice along the lines.
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

2 patches / bag x 8 bags / box.

[Expiration Date]
3 years. Refer to product package for expiry date.

Made in Japan